EcoWatch fixed position field monitor for surface water quality

The EcoWatch is a solar powered, stand alone device  that uses optical remote sensing technology for  measuring surface water quality. The acquired data are sent via mobile or satellite connection to a web-based interface for real time reporting of surface water quality on any device connected to internet.

The measuring principle is based on the continuous measurement of the color spectrum of the surface of a water body and the interpretation of the spectrum to relevant water quality parameters:

  • Chlorophyll-a (as a proxy for algae)
  • Phycocyanin (as a proxy for cyanobacteria)
  • Cyanobacteria scum layers
  • Total suspended matter
  • Water transparency
  • Colored dissolved organic matter

Self-monitoring capabilities include monitoring of  temperature, humidity, battery voltage, charge current and load currents, as well as mobile network connection quality and free disk space. Measurements are stored locally if they cannot be uploaded and settings and software can be remotely uploaded. The EcoWatch can be positioned on any platform such as a jetty, a high building or on a fixed pole.

The commercial launch is expected in mid 2016, for applications where real time information for management decisions is crucial, including the aquaculture sector.

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