iQwtr environmental citizen observatory

Environmental citizen observatory

The iQwtr is a simple yet smart device enabling citizens to measure surface water quality on the spot by simply taking a picture of water in the iQwtr device with the iQwtr App. Take a water sample with the iQwtr container, make a picture with the smart phone, transfer the data for analysis to our server and receive feedback on the quality of the water in real time. Standardised and calibrated transparency data (calibrated to Secchi depth and turbidity in NFU) are calculated and sent back within minutes.

The science behind iQwtr is based on the principle of the Secchi disk, a circular disk used to measure water transparency in oceans and lakes, a system currently in use. The iQwtr technology has been carefully developed and tested interpreting thousands of measurements, and by comparing these with Secchi disk results.

The software for analysing the photograph taken with the iQwtr App has been developed on a platform that is applicable to both Android and iPhone. For professional users, the aggregated data are available via an Automated Programming Interface (API), compatible with available data management systems, such as FEWS, Lizard and Hydronet, in which the data can be visualised on a map together with other hydrological data.

The iQwtr is an innovative and unique tool for water quality monitoring for citizens developed by BlueLeg Monitor BV in close cooperation with Water Insight BV and the Finnish environmental research organisation Syke.

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