WISP-3 user in action

Hand-held monitor WISP-3

The Water Insight Spectrometer or WISP-3 is an easy-to-operate hand-held hyper-spectral radiometer for assessing both fresh and salt surface water quality. It contains three radiometers measuring reflectance (‘the color’) of the water. Advanced algorithms are used to translate the color of the water to relevant ecological surface water parameters that are displayed on-the-spot. The WISP-3 (within a minute) derives the following parameters:

  • Chlorophyll-a (as a proxy for algae)
  • Phycocyanin (as a proxy for cyanobacteria)
  • Cyanobacteria scum layers
  • Total suspended matter
  • Water transparency
  • Colored dissolved organic matter

The WISP-3 is using the same advanced algorithms that were developed by Water Insight for the interpretation of satellite data above large surface water areas. These satellite data however cannot be used reliably for scanning surface water quality near-shore and for inland smaller water bodies. Also for this reason the WISP-3 has been developed. It is now possible to monitor surface water bodies with high accuracies, irrespective of the weather conditions and/or distortions in satellite data availability.

Compared to laboratory measurements the WISP-3 is fast, flexible and cost effective, and an indispensable tool in modern water management. The WISP-3 is increasingly being used by prestigious water management organizations worldwide, and is expected to become the market standard for instant water quality information.

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